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Bille & Brie – Collaboration & teamwork win the day!

Today I thought I would like to talk about the rollercoaster of corona and the challenge of keeping businesses afloat, profitable and relevant within the downturn and the shocking state of current events.

As a small business owner and a casual chef at Government House, both my sources of income have been compromised. Government House still were able to run on their small crew of permanent staff, but all functions were ceased immediately. For me, that meant my position and hours simply yet abruptly stopped.

My small business – Bille&Brie lost all large and small functions immediately as Government restrictions were called. As all hospitality industries were in the same boat, the shock and repercussions were not only immediate but catastrophic for our industry and the on flow has been unbelievable……cleaners, front of house staff, chefs, catering businesses, any seated food service place… supply chains.. It is incredible to think how many people have been affected.

I had to think outside the square pretty quickly as I had not only ordered a new website to be built but just had all the paperwork sent to me to purchase a new van for catering purposes…

My business had been slowly building up and I thought I was in an OK position to move to the next step…..little did I know what was about to come!

Firstly, I decided I could live without the van and unfortunately with no food orders to deliver I didn’t need it now. Thankfully, I had not signed the deal so I was able to save that purchase for next time, further down the track when I’m on my feet again.(I will also definitely remember how well I was treated by the sales team staff for future purpose). So, I had to come up with a plan and quick… Luckily, I am an ideas’ person and thought “ok Shaz, what can I do here and now to get food to people?!”

So catering corona style was born.


Bille and Brie, Courtney and Joseph Burton Wine collaboration Team

Platters to the door…delivered. Using a boxed style of platter for two or four rather than a shared platter style – following regulation guidelines of course.

Comfort food meals to the door…delivered.

I knew it could work. Courtney (from Courtney Drew catering and Fondru’s fromagerie and wine bar) and I have been a team cooking delicious comforting meals and have delivered to peoples’ doors all around Hobart. It has been fantastic for those in the community who are vulnerable or for families who may be stuck at home or for those who just don’t want to cook!We have prepared wholesome old school recipes that people adore, think yummy Lasagne, curries, apricot chicken, etc.

I’d been working with Courtney on large scale catering functions throughout last year including weddings, corporate, and not for profit functions. We have looked after crowds from 50 through to over 850 people – us always having a ball and loving feeding the masses. Courtney hired me for functions where I could concentrate my specialty – big beautiful grazing tables!

We were both in the same boat, so we decided to collaborate.

At the same time a friend gave me another amazing idea…..she had been following a live wine tasting show in the UK and suggested passing this idea on to our other mates, who had also lost income for their wine wholesale business.  As you can imagine, restaurants were not / are not buying booze at the moment…

BOOM! Our third collaboration was in….

Three businesses collaborating to make a buck, stay relevant, deliver a service economically to all our peers and customers while staying safely at home….The House Wine was born. Nina and Joseph Burton from Joseph Burton Wines polished the concept with Nina’s amazing social media skills, and we were away.

A three-pack of wines delivered to your door with the option of a gourmet boxed platter also to compliment…ready for a live wine show every Saturday evening hosted by Joseph Burton who is not only a wine wholesaler but an accredited Sommelier…Hobart ‘s very own Rain Man of Wine…..we were away with our ideas and we were selling platters to the houses of Hobart.

During this time thankfully, I had started designing my new website.

I knew the cost I was up for and however dire things seemed, I absolutely knew it would be an integral part of my little business staying relevant and front of mind and in this cluster bomb or sh@t show that was COVID 19…. I truly made a wise decision here! The team I contacted, By George Digital have absolutely helped me through set up and what I needed to make the website work for me. Even though I honestly was worried about the outlay in cash although it was well priced, it was worth every cent and still is. explained to me how keeping my business current and easy to contact would result in orders, and it has. Georgie Fenton from By George Digital has been phenomenal, clear, and concise with her explanation of what works for my website, building SEO, and how we should be directing the web traffic. It really has been an asset to my business and its ongoing relevance.

I can only say this has been a tough time for people globally, and this is only my account of how I’ve managed to get through with my mates and just keep going I suppose. Many moments having included us drinking too much wine from so much worry and uncertainty but however, every new day an order big or small has come in and kept us going.


Sharon Stegeman

We still get together and cook and plan and still have the positive vibes to keep our mission on track.

As we slowly get back to normal with our businesses and lives, it has really shown me how teamwork, friendship, and the strength of the human spirit can keep dreams alive.

Best Wishes to all my fellow business friends and do not forget to get out there and support your local or your favourite business where you can, oh, and order a platter from me anytime!


Much Love to All xx



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