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Fire Tonic and Chicken Soup for your soul!

Hey guys, This is Sharon Stegeman from Bille and Brie Catering, Hobart. We are a Tasmanian based catering service known for our amazing and creative Tasmanian dishes made from predominantly locally grown, fresh produce. We specialise in ‘Food Artistry’ and our customised food platters and grazing tables are to die for and the talk of many a Hobart Party or function!  We cater for personal, local, corporate and government functions. Bille and Brie Catering is based around seasonally available fresh, local and organic and sustainably sourced produce where possible. We make sure that our unique recipies and scrumptious dishes are unforgettable and keep coming back for more. 

Some of our best-sellers include cheese boards with local, National and International award winning cheeses,Luscious platters filled with charcuterie ,antipast, dips, seasonal fruits and all things deliciously good. 

Lasagne, Incredible soups, tantalising curries, amazing desserts and our very popular boozy pears……Amazing on any cheese board..

We are available for orders online 7 days a week. Call us or contact us from our website if you would like to arrange for some delicious food. We now have an online ordering App so you can order some of your favourites right from our website.


I will leave you with this…as an avid foodie, I thought I’d write a few words on healthy options to boost your immunity and help with a healthy gut generally in life but particularly during this trying time. 


The first option I would like to mention is the “Fire Tonic” or the “Cider tonic” by Love Your Guts Co. This is a wonderful mix and is an excellent immune booster that you can have every day. Immunity is what people should have right now especially at this time of the year. It is also good for a healthy gut. Remember, a healthy gut means a healthy mind! They do have a homemade recipe that you could try. I made it and to be honest, can cope with drinking vinegar before 10am…. as i know its benefiting me…And it is totally WORTH IT. I have ⅓ cup every day and I make sure that my teens take at least one full tablespoon..tough love! 


For the homemade recipe, you can use apple vinegar. Making use of organic apple cider vinegar is the best choice but you can use standard apple vinegar too. I heard the guy from Love Your Guts Co say you can top it up with other vinegar also if you wish.


His recipe says Ginger, Garlic, Chili, cloves, onion, lemon and I use turmeric also.

It is so easy to do in a jar at home. Try it and leave a comment on this blog if you liked it.


My second option is a great soup 🥣. I always make stock at home however a good store-bought stock is great. Even ol Campbell’s stock will benefit the flavour profile
of your soup.

Let’s get to the recipe 🙂



  1. Celery 2 stalks sliced thinly
  2. Carrots 2 diced
  3. Onion 2 diced
  4. Garlic 4 cloves chopped
  5. Fennel 1 bulb

Cooking Instructions:

  1. Cook in some olive oil and then add the stock and a stripped cooked chook…
    (save that carcass for your stockpot and your veggie scraps…..)
  2. Salt and pepper to taste, cook away…add a little fennel seed for flavor too.
  3. Garnish with parsley, 2 tins of white beans and a little cream.

 ️                                                                                    Bellissimo!! 


We are all going through a tough time right now and finding it difficult to step out of our homes. Hence we have taken a few steps to help you get good, fresh and healthy food at your doorstep. You can order online from our website. Please visit our Facebook page to know more about $10 meal options. And for those who like to cook at home 🥘, watch this space as I will be adding more tips and recipes regularly! 





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